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Best frieds forever: Panko-fried chive risotto cakes Learn to deglaze and fear the fond no more Saving a burnt sauce, tenderizing octopus and other wise advice from a deck of cards Parsnips are for latkes. And for making conversation. Goat cheese goes on a date Lemon squeezed, I'm impressed: Captivated by kitchen accoutrements The allure of red root vegetables: Butter sautéed radishes Studying scallops at Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School First fish dish: Halibut and Parsley-Lemon Sauce Bringing home the halibut (ah! First-time fish buyer!) EASY RECIPE: Uncomplicated Cranberry Couscous From plant assassin to growing champion: The vegetable garden experiment begins Burn Gallery: A rough end for an English muffin. Three of them, actually New Cook Tip #5: Ward off the wilt, preserve the herb with herb cubes Some love for the - ahem - "mature" banana: Banana-Lime Jam (Easy Recipe!) Watch and learn: Risotto demo at LeRoux (followed by at-home risotto prowess!) Meet cauliflower: Mashes like a potato, sears like a pro New Cook Tip #4: Salt. Just salt. Seriously, it'll make your world flavorfulier Learnin' about bourbon: Monthly bourbon tastings at Salt Exchange Live free and stir-fry: Go rogue, your stir-fry won't judge you A panini in the pan and a stove-top smothering Meet nutmeg: Spice, deliriant, and plague blocker HOW TO: chop your food: Knife cuts with Chef Marion Bannon [video!] EASY RECIPE: Cook so nice with black beans and rice (and chicken and apple salsa!) New Cook Tip #3: When working with hot oil, lay the food away from you New Cook Tip #2: Get good knives. And don't cut yourself. [with video] Burn gallery: It was supposed to be a panini Make yogurt at home: The Food of the Gods and a recipe for mortals RECIPE: In thin crust I trust | Flatbread with Gorgonzola, onions and arugula New Cook Tip #1: A place for everything and everything mise en place If you can't cook, cocktail! Two martini recipes and the Signature Event That's not a banana: Impatient plantains and cinnamon-scented cement Burn Gallery: Plantain sauce or cinnamon-scented cement? Grocery shopping: Source of bliss or burden akin to tooth extraction? What's the French word for "alien brains"? Roasted Brussels sprouts Everybody wants their own bacon: Pasta with asparagus, pine nuts and something called pancetta Burn gallery: A nearly cremated ham and cheese croissant Keep It Simple. Sandwich! (A grilled cheese sure beats a broken femur) Poor, poor poblano. A recipe attempt and a somber skinning "So that's a scallion" and other shocking food-related admissions General terms Burn gallery: A plastic lid isn't even food


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